The team of the Place for New People Foundation consists of experts in the field of iconography, entrepreneurship, formal and non-formal education. We have come together to carry out our mission together to create communities for the exchange of knowledge.

The founder of the foundation is Yavor Mirchov. He is an entrepreneur with almost 20 years of experience working with entrepreneurs and investors. His professional path goes through the financial and consulting sector. Kaloyan has worked with recognized organizations in Bulgaria and the world.

In 2016, he also entered the field of e-learning, as one of the founders of an online educational platform. In addition to professional activities, online learning and knowledge transfer in this form is quickly becoming his personal interest.
Three years later, he decided to found a platform for sharing any knowledge, in which age, location and all other details of sharing do not matter. Only high-quality, well-presented and useful knowledge shared in an appropriate form is important.

Kaloyan gathered a team of like-minded people around this passion and founded the Place for New People Foundation. Together with volunteers and their partners, the foundation works to develop non-formal education and knowledge sharing, supporting an online platform dedicated to this mission. On the platform, everyone can share knowledge in their chosen field.